Psychobionics: a natural science
Innenweltsurfen®: applied psychobionics

Psychobionics was developed by physics engineer Bernd Joschko. It is a natural science and part of systems sciences.
Its working method Innenweltsurfen® (i.e. “surfing in the inner world”) is used for in-depth examination of personal issues and for uncovering and resolving unconscious patterns. It furthers personal development on all levels and holistic health.

During coaching sessions we show people how to surf in their own psyche – by which we mean the whole of the informational patterns stored in the brain. We show them how to explore these patterns and become conscious of what underlies their life issues.

In psychobionics, every issue or symptom is seen as an expression of informational patterns present within us. Behind every life issue we find formative personal experiences as well as experiences of our parents and grandparents, influences from our family’s history, which are also stored within our brain and have an influence on our present life. All of these experiences and information are accessible to us via the surfing technique of Innenweltsurfen®. When we find and change these patterns, their expression also changes e.g. on the level of our feelings, relationships and body symptoms. The first time a woman achieved self-healing from breast cancer with only six sessions of Innenweltsurfen® - restructuring the patterns behind her illness enough for the symptoms to disappear - was in 1999.

During Innenweltsurfen®, we work in a relaxed state (so-called alpha state), because it is in this state that the two parts of our brain work together most harmoniously, which allows for an easy access to subconscious material in the form of inner pictures, emotions etc. (right half of the brain) as well as the ability to think clearly and logically (left half of the brain). We reach this state by a ten-minute relaxation phase at the beginning of each session.

We then show the client how to explore his “inner world” of conscious and subconscious material, mainly in the form of inner pictures, but also emotions or body reactions that are connected with them. The client is instructed to explore the connections between his own life issues, formative experiences of his own life and of the lives of his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, tracing issues back several generations (usually up to four generations back) and uncovering the informational patterns that are stored in his brain and that were handed down to him by his family. He is then instructed to change these patterns in his own brain by working on them in such a way that they reorganize themselves and become more life-assuring, healthy (in a holistic kind of way) and free of the traces of life experiences that block personal development. These new patterns will correspond with new inner pictures that will express a higher degree of liveliness, happiness, positive relationships and an ability to tackle difficult situations.

In doing so, we make use of the brain’s (and the psyche’s) ability to self-organize:
We do not need to tell the brain which kind of new patterns it is supposed to create. We only need to destroy the old patterns and trust the brain’s self-organizing ability. Given the opportunity, it will of itself evolve toward structures that are more life-assuring. The ability to self-organize is inherent in all complex dynamic systems e.g. eco-systems, organisms etc. It is the ability of systems to reach and preserve a state of balance while at the same time remaining highly dynamic. It includes the ability to integrate disturbances by going through a chaos- and reorganization-phase every time the system is disturbed. This is what makes it possible for systems to remain stable despite outside influences: They integrate these influences by going through chaos and reorganization and reaching a new state of order. We activate the brain’s (and the human being’s) ability to reorganize itself by applying feedback loops within the informational patterns in the brain and by finally destroying these patterns (which equals a chaos phase), thereby triggering self-organization.

The healing of illnesses is not the direct aim of psychobionics sessions. It is rather a side-effect of the client’s ridding his subconscious of the traces of negative formative experiences, trauma and family issues that prevent his development. In an evaluation of the method, professor Rost (university of Kiel) wrote in 2005: “As the reorganization not only affects the brain structures but has an effect on the body level as well, it can bring about a healing of bodily as well as psychic illnesses. As this kind of healing is not achieved by direct means but occurs spontaneously in the course of a self-organization process, it can be defined as self-healing.” (translation: A.G.)

The technique has been evaluated by highest law courts of Germany and defined as “a healing method applicable to all illnesses” as well as “a confrontative psychotherapy”.
We teach this method to our clients and show them how to apply it to themselves. This means that we do not offer a treatment of any kind (medical, psychological or otherwise), but a training. Clients are taught how to restructure their subconscious patterns in such a way that it furthers their personal development. We show you how to explore the inner world of your psyche, how to uncover the patterns behind your life issues and how to trigger self-organization processes within these patterns. It is a very practical work that will bring you into deeper contact with yourself, give you a greater understanding of your own life and your connections to the lives of your ancestors, as well as an understanding of the processes within your own psyche that underlie your behaviorial / emotional / relationship patterns. It will also give you the tools to change these patterns consciously.
Bernd Joschko’s psychobionics institute, where he has been working and developing his method over the past 35 years, is situated in Bischoffen-Roßbach, Hesse, central Germany.

People wanting to qualify as psychobionics coaches can take part in group trainings:
A certificate as an “Innenweltbegleiter” (i.e. “inner world guide” or basic level) can be obtained after a minimum of three weeks’ training and a final test. For qualification as a psychobionics coach, additional training and a more extensive test are required. Certified coaches can further qualify as profilers. Trainings are usually in German, but trainings in English are possible as soon as we have enough participants.

Synergetic Therapy (the forerunner of today’s psychobionics) is no longer taught.
For further information about group trainings or individual sessions ask:
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